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So in essence that is a doujin for my Close friend's doujin novel. Warning : The Tale includes girlxgirl Tale. Don't like it, You should not examine it. Has spoiler.

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It has been some time due to the fact Sleipnir had some by yourself time along with her grasp, and it's now her transform to mount him!


Fetishisforfun, I am sorry man. I just went to Inkbunny.Web and I am unable to even find the account. Possibly Conejoblanco deleted his account or something so I can't get the final web page. But I can let you know the ending:

Though touring as an adventurer, I misplaced to an ogre in fight and was introduced back again to her camp to be used for breeding. I could possibly have dropped in fight, but perhaps I am able to conquer her with sexual prowess...

"เป็นแฟนกันเสือกไม่เย็ดกันเชย กูล่ะท้ออ:-:"

Let's say you've got always planned to go through doujinshi where by Batman pushes Robin into an open oven and bakes him alive. You make use of your inventive talents to jot down, attract, and publish the complete story on your own. You call it Batmannibal

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For instance, there are a gaggle of people that would like to see Sailor Moon combating a Gundam. There is a doujinshi for that.

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"เป็นแฟนกันเสือกไม่เย็ดกันเชย กูล่ะท้ออ:-:"